Duty and Tax Recovery Services.

Are you paying the correct duty rates and taxes? Livingston will help you identify refund opportunities from classification, free trade agreements, valuation rulings, remissions and the Canadian Goods and Services Tax. At minimal cost, you can reap significant rewards.

Taking the time to review trade transactions for duty and tax recovery often doesn’t seem worth it. We do it for you. Our team of consultants, accountants, auditors, and lawyers have recovered millions in overpayment in duties and taxes.

Duty Drawback

Put cash back in your bottom line. Only a small percentage of overpaid duty is recovered by most businesses. Companies simply don’t know they are eligible to reclaim. Our specialists look for every opportunity, including duty on re-exports and assembled merchandise.

Duty Recovery

Are you overpaying duties? Many companies overpay for years without realizing it. We analyze your entries to identify refund opportunities from classification, origin, valuation rulings, and remissions. Get a true understanding, for today and in the future.

Canadian Commodity Tax Recovery

Is the law on your side? Managing your company’s commodity taxes requires an interpretation of tax laws. Our experts work cost-efficiently on a contingency basis to recover overpaid commodity taxes — money that goes straight to your bottom line.

Canadian Goods and Service Tax (GST) Services

What’s your GST/HST risk? Non-resident importers (NRIs) into Canada often find Canada’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) to be a challenge. Many do not collect and remit properly. We make it much easier.

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Our FREE 10-minute Trade Compliance Health Check can help you find gaps in your international trade procedures. Receive a web-based report on your trade compliance readiness, get information to help guide your improvement efforts, minimize risk and boost your competitiveness.

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